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The key to a successful estate planning is aligning your goals with a trusted attorney who has the experience and knowledge of estate planning laws in the state of Wisconsin.  While thinking about illness or end of life may be difficult, addressing those matters now with an attorney you trust can ensure your wishes are carried out, while protecting your assets as well as those of your chosen beneficiaries. Why trust your estate planning to just anyone? At Carroll Estate Planning LLC lawyers are here to help in the western suburbs of Milwaukee.

Estate Planning is not just for the super rich.  Most everyone needs estate planning in some type of form. Unfortunately, many people express their wishes to their families, but do not follow through with the necessary legal planning to carry on family values.  Estate Planning can keep the peace in families and provide financial security for their loved ones.

At Carroll Estate Planning LLC, we help our clients plan for the unexpected in life. If you have children, we understand you want peace of mind in knowing that they will be raised by those persons you choose.

At Carroll Estate Planning LLC, we offer a wide range of estate planning services, including:

  • Revocable Living Trusts - A revocable or living trust is the most commonly used trust for estate planning purposes.  This type of trust accomplishes the popular estate planning goal of probate avoidance.  There are several advantages to having a Revocable Living Trust.  One of the main benefits to using this estate planning tool is that it helps you to avoid probate.
  • Trust Administration - Trust administration is where the Successor Trustees administer a Trust according to the Grantors wishes. The Successor Trustee will pay off the Trust debts, pay taxes if necessary, and pay out the beneficiaries. One of the main benefits is that there will probably be no court involvement with the process, unlike a probate.
  • Wills - If you die with no trust or no will then distribution takes place according to intestate succession in the state statute.  This can have undesirable consequences and prompt assets being left to family members that you do not attend to leave anything to.
  • Small Estate Administration - Small Estate laws were created to enable heirs to obtain property of the deceased without probate.  They have shorter probate proceedings, provided certain conditions are met, and small estates can be administered with less time & cost.
  • Power of Attorney - A power of attorney is a legal document that gives a named person the power to act on your behalf in certain matters. In most cases, they are used to allow another to act on your behalf with regard to medical decisions & financial decisions. They can be made to be “durable,” which means that they survive the incapacity of the person who created the power of attorney.  A healthcare power of attorney designates an individual who you know, trust and have discussed your wishes with to make medical treatment decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make those decisions on your own.
  • Probate - When a property owner dies in Wisconsin, state law requires that the decedent’s estate be administered through some form of probate proceeding. Probate proceedings usually involve multiple steps.  The probate process can take several months to years.  There are methods to avoid probate that we can use depending on your circumstances.

Working with an estate planning lawyer means connecting with someone you can trust, someone you are comfortable discussing details of your life and wishes with and understands your goals. At Carroll Estate Planning LLC, we have knowledge & experience on all aspects of estate planning laws in Wisconsin, so you can rest assured your wishes will be carried out as planned.

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